Our skills

Omflow's services are focused on requirements-led engineering for international businesses. We help companies to better understand, record, and manage the needs of their organisation in relation to customers, projects, and products.

We have identified five core capabilities that international businesses need to manage the requirements lifecycle, monitor and control quality, and adhere to standards. Impact analysis (understanding the Butterfly Effect) and risk management are also greatly helped by Omflow's approach to handling complexity. If you are a supplier to major global businesses and unsure how to match or integrate with the capabilities of your buyers upstream, then we can help.

“Explore the butterfly effect of your business”



The means by which information is gathered and organised – usually supported by software. Omflow offers:

  • Tool evaluations
  • Integration consultancy
  • Schema design
  • Interface design
  • Tool training


How tasks are carried out, including the application and use of tools.


  • Requirements elicitation
  • Requirements management
  • Writing good requirements
  • Workflow planning
  • Requirements lifecycle
  • Change management
  • Configuration management
  • Writing for translation
  • Self-generating documentation


Training staff to use tools and techniques to write and manage requirements.


Tools Training

Requirements management

  • Cradle 

Translation environments 

  • MemoQ
  • Trados (delivered through partner)
Techniques courses
  • “Understanding requirements: keeping the storm in the teacup"
  • “Write requirements right; write the right requirements"
  • “Built to comply: self-documenting audit trails"
  • “Multilingual teamwork: streamlined by design"
  • “Working with the world: streamlined international teamwork"


Multilingual capability is highly valued by stakeholders who need to interact but have different languages of habitual use.

Thinking about this early helps avoid misunderstandings, improves how teams interact across borders, and catches mistakes before they become expensive.

  • Expert translation service
  • German a speciality, other languages available
  • Translation project management
  • Translation process integration
  • Custom machine translation
  • Multilingual terminology management


Get the most from your own talent and take advantage of the skills and expertise offered by Omflow and partners.

  • Engineering consultancy
  • Requirements authoring
  • Tool setup and configuration
  • Schema design
  • Document import
  • Terminology management
  • Technical writing