Our VISION is for a harmonious, interconnected world that understands how to use technology to break down barriers and bridge divides.

Our MISSION is to help businesses operate effectively and efficiently in a global market by developing systems that cross language boundaries, reduce waste, and maximise growth.

Our PASSION is for low-pollution technology, especially in the transport industry.

Our CONTRIBUTION is to be an ethically-motivated business that helps to engineer a sustainable world through practice and education.

“A holistic approach is the perfect way to address the needs of engineering projects.”




Zengineering - At one with your business

It is our belief at Omflow that a holistic approach is the perfect way
to address the needs of engineering projects. We call it Zengineering. This approach provides rapid solutions to engineering problems while contributing to the resolution of wider conflicts and environmental challenges.

ZENGINEERING is a cross-disciplinary, whole-systems approach that encourages innovative changes to traditional engineering.

ZENGINEERING is about understanding exactly what is required and building only what is needed. It minimises wastage and reduces costly or dangerous errors.

ZENGINEERING enables businesses to understand the Butterfly Effect of what they do and avoid short-sighted thinking.

ZENGINEERING instils a culture of getting things right first time.

At a commercial level, less wastage and fewer errors mean better profit; for the world, it means better use of resources to produce systems that make a positive impact.

We encourage people to work together and to break down barriers. With a wealth of engineering and linguistic skills, plus experience of different cultures, Omflow's team is superbly placed to help with this.

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